Nike Air Max 25º Aniversario

If last year in the last semester Nike air max 90 celebrated with the launching of “Nike Air Pegasus 30” the 30th Anniversary of the Pegasus Family. Today Nike is back to celebrating celebrating the 25th anniversary of Air Max, a shoe that marked a milestone. A before and after for the brand itself.

Air Max today are shoes with great prestige. The Air Max technology is not one of the cheapest, that is: the shoes can range from € 120 to € 299. As I mentioned before, the Air Max family are usually the most expensive shoes in the catalog because of their technology, material, design, etc …

Air Max has become a cult shoe. Adored by many. Adored by lovers of this model since its inception, air max 90sports lovers, lovers of shoes and especially in recent years we have also seen a boom with the Hipsters and Bakalas (chonis, polygoneros, macarras, canis … in every point of Spain he gives them an alias, although I think they all say it according to the answer, hehe.Although we are only talking about the way of dressing and many of these last words are used more as a descriptive or offensive form, therefore we are left with Bakalas).

The first Air Max was launched on March 26, 1978, to celebrate Nike invites us to today we all fit an Nike Air Max and that we even photograph with them on and upload to social networks with the hashtag #Airmax. Today is the Air Max Day and there are many celebrities who are aiming to share their shoes on social networks. Among them our great athlete No. 1: Rafa Nadal, who has his own line on Nike. I personally love the Nike collection for Tennis by Rafa Nadal and it is even very good to wear Sportwear.

Since the launch of the Air Max several models marked a wake in their own family thanks to their improvements, new designs, ideas, materials … Nike has been working to renew and improve its technology. One of the last Air Max we have seen are the Nike Flyknit Air Max, which combine the 2 technologies. The Air Max sole with air chamber and the polyester fabric structure of the shoe itself. They look beautiful to me and they are already in 3 colors.

Also make reference to the design of the AM90. As I said those innovations or new designs of some sneakers marked a wake for the following generations. And now we can see the resemblance of the current Air Max with the style of the Air max AM90 and as Nike has returned to its origins and after creating quite futuristic Air Max … we have seen how they have returned to their beginnings inspired by the first Air Max launched in 1978. There is nothing, right? As time goes. I was not born!

To top off this birthday, Nike will re-edit a current version inspired entirely Nike Air Max by the design of the originals and that will have on their tongue the reminder label of their Anniversary. For Air Max lovers this re-edition is mandatory and a unique opportunity, especially for those who were not born, to fit the first and original Air Max but with the innovations, improvements and qualities of today.

Virgil Abloh And Nike Build A New Design Project – THE TEN

Virgil Abloh’s relationship with Nike began as early as his first visit to Nike’s global headquarters in October 2016 to open a new partnership. Growing up in Rockford, Illinois, Virgil Abloh, teenager, along with his friends sketched sketches about the creativity of the shoes and sent them to Nike. “We are fascinated by Air Jordan, Virgil Abloh said, he was 36 years old, resident in Milan and Chicago,” Michael Jordan is a legend. In my heart he is Superman. My entire design background and spirit are from the 90s.

Virgil Abloh says his early design education comes from sports shoes, hip-hop culture, rock album cover and graffiti art, and then he combines these orthodox training in contact with the architectural and engineering fields. Now as a successful creative director, DJ, designer and founder of the OFF-WHITE brand, Virgil Abloh tries to dilute the boundaries between creative processes, rewrite fashion and design rules, and integrate humor and DIY elements into his Design practice.

“When I first came to Beaverton, I immediately wanted to make something, Virgil Abloh said,” I waited for so many years, is not just want to meet in Nike. During his first visit to Nike, he used the multi-purpose utility knife and the Mark Pen to redesign the Nike Air Force 1 Low classic cool black shoes and let his staff wear the pair of unique shoes in December last year Miami Design Expo (Design Miami /), where he also exhibited its own brand OFF-WHITE furniture.

“Michael Jordan is a legend. In my mind he is Superman. My entire design background and spirit are from the 90s.” – Virgil Abloh

The 12-footer was made by Matt Kilgore of Blue Ribbon Studio (Kiki) Seoul is the son of Bruce Kilgore, who designed the original Air Force 1 in 1982. Virgil Abloh hopes that the inner bubble of the tongue will reveal, with the silver Swoosh logo and conspicuous pin and bold text to pay tribute to Beaverton, Oregon, the birthplace of this pair of shoes.

To determine the re-design language, coupled with Virgil Abloh can not wait to achieve his dream of life, and ultimately the birth of the “The Ten” project, by Virgil Abloh and Nike to explore ten pairs of Nike shoes design may be.

“What we’re talking about here is not just sports shoes, it’s higher than the design culture,” says Virgil Abloh. “It’s like a top design art. This ten shoes break the barrier between performance and style. For me, they are like the statue of David or the portrait of Mona Lisa. No matter how you think and refute, they always represent a certain meaning. This is the most important.

“Most creative decisions are made in the first three hours.” – Virgil Abloh

This ten pairs of shoes are divided into two themes. The first theme is “REVEALING”, which makes the shoes look like at hand by tailoring, open source and re-constructed design methods, including Air Jordan I, Nike Air Presto, Nike Air VaporMax and Nike Blazer Mid.

The second theme is “GHOSTING”, through the translucent vamp design to make shoes look more glance, the use of ordinary materials will be the second theme under the shoes as one, including Converse Chuck Taylor, Nike Zoom Fly SP, Nike Air Force 1 Low, Nike React Hyperdunk 2017 and Nike Air Max 97.

Virgil Abloh’s fast pace and Nike’s compact timeline perfect match, the achievements of the history of Nike’s fastest cooperation one: 10 pairs of shoes, 10 months, from the formation of the creative to the final release, at one go. After the official launch of the project is the first task of Nike’s five pairs of iconic shoes to re-design: Air Jordan I, Air Max 90, Air Presto, Nike Air VaporMax and Blazer Mid, time is very urgent. “Most of the creative decisions were made in the first three hours, and the real design and implementation took two to three days,” recalls Virgil Abloh. “I finished Jordan with a design process. It is really a dream like a state of work. I have just seen it, it has been completed.

Just as the original Air Force 1 on the small test chopper, multi-purpose art knife has become a critical tool in the design process. Virgil Abloh uses it to show the bubbles in each pair of shoes (and move their Nike mark), move the Swoosh logo (and sometimes magnify the logo), by (each pair of different parts of the orange) Add fresh colors.

This series of “REVEALING” features are also reflected in its humorous and cute text markings, such as “Air” and “Air” and “Air” and “Air” Words.

Although the design process looks more complicated, but Virgil Abloh said he really hope that this process can make people feel at your fingertips, like opening a pair of shoes chest, to show you its internal innovation. “Yes, we design an ideal product, but as long as you go to the local store to see, use your home tools, you can make this pair of shoes, Virgil Abloh said.
This design method also reflects the Nike “Just Do It” concept, with a hard effort to achieve a person’s own potential. “I spent a lot of time thinking about the kids who were the same as me, who were passionate about the design but no direction,” Virgil Abloh said. “They need a path to understand the true meaning of the design.”

For Virgil Abloh, the design of the Nike Air VaporMax in the REVEALING series gave him an exciting challenge because the shoes were not yet released. The other two pairs of unpacked shoes Nike Zoom Fly SP and Nike React Hyperdunk 2017 also use their new ideas and potential for this process has brought similar fun and inspiration. Virgil Abloh from Breaking2 Nike Zoom Vaporfly Elite running shoes and basketball series React Hyperdunk 2017 cutting-edge innovation technology to draw inspiration, decided to use translucent vamp design, in this series to introduce a called “GHOSTING” revolution The Through these five pairs of shoes, including the first appeared in the Hyperdunk basketball shoes (Converse Chuck Taylor and Nike Air Force 1 Low) and Vaporfly Elite before the emergence of the iconic running shoes, Virgil Abloh said he hoped With a semi-shade of ordinary material to their 94 years of history linked.
“When I was in high school all year long, I played soccer, skateboarding, cycling, Virgil Abloh said,” from the sport I know athletes have their innate style and focus, the designer is no exception, this also It was my reason for the design fascination. So that they continue to advance the power of the championship from the heart of the deep.

Through the Converse company since 1923 released shoes and Nike from 1972 to date so far the design gene, The Ten series of open source features that really reproduce the sports and sports shoes have defined the long-lasting real charm of the shoes The They have survived the test of time and sublimated into a strong catalyst in The Ten series. Through them, people will understand not only the design of footwear, but all the design.

“Athletes and designers have their own style and focus.” – Virgil Abloh

“On the one hand, I want to highlight how perfect the Nike design system and the production process are,” says Virgil Abloh. “By combining these shoes with the design elements that demonstrate their ‘hand-made’ design, we have strengthened this ten- Human factors, to expand their emotional connection.
Nike will be held in New York and London, “Nike Off Campus” activities to celebrate the full range of the release of the Ten, and participants to enjoy the inspiration behind the series of creative ideas. “Nike Off Campus” will be held September 6 to 8 in Wall Street on the 23rd.

The Nike Air Max 90 and Nike Air VaporMax will be held in New York (September 9 – 13), London (September 18-22), Milan (September 21-25) and Paris (September 26-30) NikeLab store first released.

The full range of ten pairs of shoes will be in November in the global NikeLab shops and designated retail sale.

Nikeid Air Vapormax Country Pack Gradient Air Cushion

Vapormax gradient air cushion custom NIKEiD again for the popular running shoes Air VaporMax launched a bright new customization options. The “Country Pack” is the name of the different countries as the theme, the first to the United States, Britain, Germany and Kenya four countries for the first, NIKEiD users in addition to custom tongue on the banner, Flyknure shoes and Swoosh tone, the most attractive The local will have to gradually change the air cushion outsole, which is the first time in the form of VaporMax presented. It is reported that NIKEiD will be the first in the United States to open this option, the Greater China region on-line date to be announced, the future we can expect more countries to join the color, and gradient VaporMax soles are applied to the commercial version of the design.

Nike brand introduction Nike has been to encourage every player in the world and offer the best products as a glorious task. Nike’s language is the language of movement. Thirty years later, the company has always been committed to creating an opportunity for everyone to show themselves. Nike knows: only the use of advanced technology to produce the best products. So all along, Nike has invested a lot of manpower, material resources for the development and development of new products. Nike’s first air cushion technology to the sports industry has brought a revolution. The use of this technology to create sports shoes can be a good protection of the athlete’s body, especially the ankle and knee, to prevent sprain in the strenuous exercise to reduce the impact on the knee and wear. The use of air-cushion technology, once the launch of sports shoes on the popular. Ordinary consumers and professional athletes love it. Nike (Nike) known as “nearly 20 years the world’s newly created the most successful consumer goods company.” Nike (Nike) sports shoes in addition to strengthening the performance of high-tech sports, and now pay more attention to the stylish shape design, frequently with the trend of all countries to launch a limited edition joint limited edition.
Nike shoes how to clean 1, soaked shoes uppers
Shoes thrown into the basin, the basin with 2/3 of the water, the washing temperature should not be higher than 45 degrees Celsius, so that the shoes were soaked in water, the general sports shoes can be washed with water, but can not use detergent, because it is phosphorus, easy Let the shoes turn yellow, heel place with a toothbrush dipped in toothpaste brush, washed in the upper put a layer of white paper, so that do not change the color after the shoe dry.
If you use a long time soaking the way, will also affect the use of shoes. So do not let the shoes in the water soak, but can not be thrown in the basin and bubble clothes like no matter, half a day later to wash, so the shoes dry after easy to open plastic, more harm than good, brand name shoes do not do so too loss. Cleaning the process, try not to go through the machine wash or soak the way. If the sneakers into the washing machine cleaning, will greatly damage the shoes, degumming, deformation and other quality problems, so you regret.
2, shoes in the cleaning smell
It is best to use white wine or white vinegar to carry out a thorough cleaning. After the shoes are cleaned, hit a pot of warm water, and then put a small amount of white vinegar, put the shoes inside soak for half an hour or so. If you usually, you can also directly sprinkle white wine. Because the volatile liquor is very strong, in the volatile time also put the smell of sports shoes can also be a good removal.
3, washable shoelaces with insoles
Shoelaces do not remove the words, it is not easy to thoroughly clean outdoor shoes, because the brush can not penetrate the shoes, the natural wash is not clean, so before washing shoes must be removed to clean the shoelaces, shoeluts with a rubbing rubbing Yes, and the usual laundry is no different.
4, cleaning soles shoes
With the first brush on the soap brush and then brush the soles of shoes, the inside must be carefully brush, repeated cleaning shoes, dirty water for the clean water. The shoes soaked in water, in fact, do not brush soap with a toothbrush brush clean shoes. What a small stone in the soles of the rubber seam can be used to pick clean.

Air Max 1 The Most Ingenious Running Shoes

The first Air Max sports shoes, Air Max 1, was designed by Tinker Hatfield and current CEO Mark Parker in 1987. Air Max 1 pioneered epoch-making visions and greatly improved cushioning and stability. Inspired by the modern building in the center of Pompidou, Paris, its large glass façade makes the interior of the building at a glance. Tinker Hatfield after visiting the center of the Pompidou made Air Max’s iconic window visual air cushion concept and bright color scheme, and its actual development success.
Whether it is sidewalks, cement or asphalt on the ground, the Air Max 1 are only the same name – “runway.”
Air Max 1 is the originator of NIKE Air Max series running shoes.
For now, Air Max 1 is not just a professional running shoes, but also a cultural shoe, because of his unique streamlined design, slightly retro appearance, lightweight design makes her loved by young people. Especially in Europe and the United States, Air Max 1 has become a trend and cultural signs, you can even in all kinds of extreme sports to see her figure!
Air Max 1’s main technology for the back of the Max air cushion, to provide effective buffer and protection of footsteps.
Air Max 1 has become a bearing of various types of elements, has been out of the Mid-Autumn Festival commemorative edition, Valentine’s Day special edition, Olympic special edition, zodiac edition, gold and silver version, part of the commemorative edition of the festival and so on.
The usual Air Max 1 shoe box will also donate two feet pad pad, you can pad in the insoles under the arch, under the bow for the powerful design.
Air Max 1 Although the eternal classic, but it is undeniable Air Max 1 air cushion in some people who seek comfort has been a bit out of date. Therefore, NIKE sportswear in the Air Max 1 on the basis of the introduction of a lot of new Air Max running shoes products, the main popular Air Max 95, Air Max97, Air Max 180, Air Max 90, Air Max powerwall and so on. Which has to mention the Air Max 90, it can be said Air Max 90 is the Air Max 1 has been on the Air Max as a cultural shoe return, because the appearance of Air Max 90 and Air Max 1 appearance similar to the wonderful The At the same time Air Max 90 increase and thicker Air Max 1 air cushion, widen soles, play a better stability effect. It can be said, Air Max 1 and Air Max 90 as a pair of father and son!
Air Maxim 1
Is Air Max 1 improved version, the main feature is that it is more compact design, basic shape and Air Max 1 exactly the same!
Air Max 1 will give us more surprises, it will never be old, I have the glory of it, this glory and joy only you can experience!

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Nike and Doernbecher children’s hospital into the first 14 years of the year, not only to the public spirit of the spirit of moving, every year to invite the children to personally create a series of products is also a major feature, so far has raised nearly 17 million US dollars Of the money as a medical use, Nike this year to further promote the project, the Air Max 90 Ultra 2.0 Doernbecher is one of the series of shoes.

The Nike and three in the Doernbecher hospital cancer treatment of children, and invited the Oregon University football team to join, let the children and the players have Nike design team to develop a new American football jersey and equipment, a symbol of the players not only in the field In order to win the victory and struggle, but also to give children the face of cancer when the greatest inspiration.

Air Max 90 Ultra 2.0 Doernbecher not only into the Oregon University signs color, shoe body from the local characteristics of the plant fir tree totem and “WIN THE DAY”, “WIN THE FIGHT” and other motto is inspired by the idea of ​​three children, In addition, the first OREGON word OREGON words into a yellow ribbon pattern, while the insoles with a new design of the Oregon Duck mascot portraits, across the vulgar of CANCER to pass the determination to fight against the disease.

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nike red air max 90 nike air max 90. Try Prime All . nike, nike air max 90, Running, Sneakers . nike air max 90 Essential – 537384419. by nike.! Find great deals on eBay for air max 90 red and air max 90 blue. Shop with confidence.!


Roger Federer takes the lead in demonstrating Virgil Abloh x Nike “The Ten” series Air Jordan 1

In the recent US Open Arthur Ashe Kids Day event, Switzerland 19 Grand Slam champion Roger Federer took the lead in wearing Virgil Abloh x Nike “The Ten” super popular Air Jordan 1 shoes, into the tennis court, it seems NikeLab specifically for He designed the Oscillate Evolve RF has been unable to meet his trend required.
Virgil Abloh Announces Nike Blaze Mid Joint Shoes Skateboard Test Movie

Following the earlier exposure CONVERSE Chuck Taylor joint shoes details of the recent tours, and to friends to collect creative DIY design Virgil Abloh, this time in Instagram published a Virgil Abloh x Nike Blaze Mid joint shoes test video. In the film by the skateboarding legend Eric Koston personally feet, and step on the skateboard to test, you can see this shoe in addition to gorgeous appearance, the actual performance of the performance is also very good. The new Virgil Abloh x Nike Blazer Mid “The Ten” joint plan will be held next month in the four major fashion week during the pre-sale, and then in November will visit Nike designated stores and retailers, so stay tuned!
Preview the adidas originals EQT Support 93/17 new color design

The growing popularity of adidas Originals EQT Support 93/17, has become the new darling of shoes fans, this time shoes photographer @ sneakerprophet_ for everyone in advance exposure of the two new color. Two shoes in the design were light gray and dark gray Primeknit shoe-based, supplemented by gray tone nylon three stripes and heel support to enhance stability, while with dark green and orange lining rich visual sense. At present the official has not yet announced the two color of the specific sale of information, like a friend also please pay attention to our follow-up reports.
Preview the Air Jordan 12 new “Bordeaux” color

In June this year, the sale of PSNY x Air Jordan 12 series, there has been a charming texture of the wine and get a good response, and now Jordan Brand for Air Jordan 12 launched a new “Bordeaux” ordinary version, this stock The momentum continues. Compared to the purple version of the PSNY, this color is more visually to the red, in addition to the classic silver buckle design return, and in the end and followed by the label is also shown in white. It is reported that the pair of Air Jordan 12 will be on October 14 in Jordan Brand designated stores for sale, priced at $ 190.
Kyrie Irving and Isaiah Thomas shaking the latest variables!

Last season, the first two teams in the NBA East team exchange point guard deal, so many fans feel surprised, although Cavaliers finally resolved Kyrie Irving bent on leaving the crisis, and Celtics also received a 25-year-old future only ” Superstar “, but the deal may be due to another main character Isaiah Thomas ushered in the variables. The original Cavs had a physical examination of the players found that IT last season left the hip injury is very serious, because there is no surgical relationship, he is now even difficult to walk, let alone ride in the NBA game, with the speed to make up for their own Of the height and disadvantage, and change the injury at least three months to recover, which for the win in the Cavs is a big risk. According to the terms of the union, Cavs has the right to cancel the shaking deal to seek better trading chips, but ESPN broke the news Adrian Wojnarowski that the team is difficult to trade to better chips, so they will once again negotiate with Celtics, Additional potential in the rookie Jaylen Brown or Jayson Tatum as compensation for injury.
John Mayer to “Rick and Morty” for the design of NIKEiD Air Max 90 do not pay attention to color

John Mayer, a creative artist, is a veteran street fashion enthusiast, a visvim has become his signature, although he did not get the opportunity to create official shoes with Nike, but John Mayer or through NIKEiD platform shows a design talent of their own. Following the earlier release of the “Spirit Level” color, this time he again funny animation “Rick and Morty” third quarter of the third set of inspiration, designed a pair of more colorful Nike Air Max 90, the overall body By the combination of deep, light green echo theme, at the same time with the red Swoosh increase highlights, and white and green classic Max Air also to the green color of the green ink for embellishment. At present this designed by John Mayer Air Max 90 is available, like a friend not to be missed.


Tinker Hatfield diseñada en 1987 por el lanzamiento de Air Max 1 ha abierto un nuevo capítulo en los zapatos para correr, y Air Max 1 no es el primero en crear zapatos para correr con colchón de aire, ya en 1978 de Air Tailwind será el primero en disfrutar de la unidad de diseño de la almohadilla de visualización. A medida que el mercado refleja Lie Qiang, Nike ha iniciado el proceso de desarrollo de esta tecnología de amortiguación, la forma de diseñar, amortiguador y por lo tanto sobre la forma de ajustar la distribución y el diseño de una serie de valores de presión para ser desarrollado por Nike era la máxima prioridad. De esta manera, en 1985, Nike especialmente invitado con 30 años de experiencia profesional experto David Forland juntos para desarrollar. Aunque en el colchón de aire tiempo de diseño visual era Insiders burla, e incluso los aficionados del zapato también expresaron dudas diseñados para este propósito, pero los dos insistido finalmente pagar, tanto en el ámbito científico y tecnológico o el nivel de apariencia, dejar que la tecnología del aire ha alcanzado un nivel sin precedentes Altura. Desde entonces cojín de aire se aplica a lo visible entre el creciente número de zapatos, y se desarrolló lentamente en una carga de aire de todo el cojín de palma, que es el colchón de aire máximo en evolución proceso de desarrollo. Aquí, vamos a seguir la imagen de un vistazo como Nike buque insignia de los zapatos de la serie Air Max de estructura de cojín de aire que

Nike air cojín proceso de desarrollo resumen

Air Max 1 cojín de aire visible
Por lo tanto, la primera técnica usando cojín Nike Air modelo visual nacimiento, después de que se utilizó por primera vez en el Max Nike Air 1. Antes de que se introdujera, el Air-Sole se estaba adelgazando, no aumentando.
“La unidad Air-Sole se está adelgazando, haciendo que el proceso de producción sea sencillo”, recordó Flanders. “Lo que queremos lograr es inyectar más aire en las suelas para lograr un fuerte sentido de amortiguación”.
Con el fin de mejorar la sensación de caminar en el aire, Flandes pronto cambió el camino.
“Recordando la historia de Air Max, especialmente la historia entre 1987 y 1993, se encuentra uno de los principales criterios para distinguir cada generación es la generación de una nueva generación de productos será capaz de dar cabida a más de la cantidad de materiales de aire y espuma con incluso menos. pérdida de material de espuma haría, pero no el aire. “dijo Flandes.


Air Max 180 visible air cushion
“The Air Max 180 is one of the most difficult shoes in the Air Max series of sports shoes,” Flanders recalled.
At that time, Air Max 1, Air Max 180 and Air Max 90 were placed in the front foot of the Air-Sole unit. But are completely sealed, is invisible. As a result of the increasing demand for running shoes that have no foam material at all, a major discovery came into being. There is a new Air-Sole production method called blow molding.
The technology is first used in the Air Max 93, so that Air-Soles without pressure in the case, can be 3-D molding. This means that Air-Soles can be formed according to the front palm of the athletic shoes. Air Max 95 takes full advantage of this innovation, including two separate blow molding Air-Sole units, is also the first time in the front foot using visual air cushion design.

    Air Max 93’s visible air cushion

Air Max 95 visual air cushion
In 1997, in the production, development and design work under the full support of how to make the whole palm Air-Sole password was cracked. The first is to create an interrelated heel and forefoot unit. The next task is how to pocket a long enough to melt the film, which closed the length of the whole palm of the three-dimensional model. After several prototypes and a leap, Air Max 97 was born.

Air Max 97 visible air cushion
After deciphering the fu
ll air cushion, the idea of ​​air cushion seems to be endless. Nike began to focus on other forms of cushioning, one of which is Tuned Air. This innovative technology for air cushioning was first used in Air Max Plus in 1999 and was used to enhance the stability of Nike Max Air cushioning.

Air Max Plus’s visual air cushion
The next innovative form is the 2006 Air Max, 360, which eventually in the first Air Max, was born almost 20 years after the realization of the production of fully foam-free material Air Max shoes target. In order to m
ake Air Max 360, Flanders’ team used Caged Air technology to replace foam material as a stabilizer.

Air Max 360 visual air cushion
Elimination of the full realization of the foam material does not mean that the end of Air Max, evolution. Nike realized the dream, but could not resist how to improve the temptation of the product. To further, Flanders and his team shifted the focus from the elimination of foamed materials to increased flexibility. Using the cylinder structure, Air Max, 15 in the Air-Sole built-in deep curved groove, and finally completed the most flexible Max Air cushioning cushion.

Air Max 201
5 visual air cushion

After a long journey, Flanders did not innovate without risk.

“I remember the first blown molded Air-Sole unit.We worked hard for a long time and did not know if people would accept it,” Flanders said. “I remember when the first Air Max, sneaker was issued, I was at an airport, and I was calling a technician in the lab and saw someone wearing a pair of Air Max from the side. I looked at him in the phone booth and said ‘The bigger the risk, the bigger the harvest, and the Air Max, it’ s going to start here. ‘


20 years ago, Nike launched a pair of mountain bike industrial texture inspired by the silver sneakers – Air Max 97. It has a 360 degree reflective function, in the low light environment or camera flash light is extremely bright. Two years later, this shoe launched a golden color, laid the metal luster in this shoe design history of the core position.

The introduction of new hidden shoelaces design and full palm window cushioning air cushion, Air Max 97 Nike sports style innovation is the early representative. In order to explore the future of the spring of 2017 and autumn potential, Nike women’s series of designers will look to a material pioneer: Shihua Shihua Qi, as well as their crystal fabric, the innovative landscaping of the Air Max 97, and increase the durability Sex. This fabric contains tiny, dense cut and uncut crystals, which provide a shiny and tough look, showing the original iconic light.
In a visit to the Austrian Watson Swarovski Crystal headquarters, the Nike Women’s Color and Materials team was fortunate to have witnessed the company’s historical archives and learned how they had spent 12 years studying the Swarovski’s pioneering The Advanced Crystal standard is used in the production and innovative applications of products (including jewelery, clothing, fabrics, home furnishings, automotive interiors and tables). Nike women’s team is particularly interested in its crystal fabric (Crystal Fabric)
“This is an absolutely exciting project in terms of material innovation,” says Marie Crow, director of Nike sportswear design. “We want to explore its flashiness through an innovative approach And durability, we are very fond of this idea, with crystal fabric flashing light to re – create a pair is already a classic shoes.

Each square meter Swarovski crystal fabric contains about 1.17 million Swarovski crystals.
Crystal fabric and then need to go through a welding process, no needle stitching, according to the size of each pair of shoes, will be carefully cut the sample wrapped around the Air Max 97 bend, including a piece of heel trim. With the movement of the shoes, the crystal will reflect the light, creating a bright shine, radiant effect. Following the spring release of black color models, with Swarovski crystal decoration of the Air Max 97 LX is also the introduction of autumn silver color models, which marks the first time the Nike woman on the use of Swarovski crystal shoes, Nike is the first time so precious The material is applied to Air Max 97 by welding technology.

“Swarovski has a long tradition of innovation and creative cooperation and is proud of it,” said Markus Langes-Swarovski, a member of the Swarovski Executive Council. “We are very pleased “The Max Max 97 is a truly 360 – degree sparkling shoe that inspires our inspiration and imagines the wonderful sight of the speed and the light.”
Female silver Air Max 97 LX will be in the beginning of September from the designated retail stores in the country