Nike Beige Air Max 95 Retro Shoes

Although this year is the 30th anniversary of the Nike Air Max 97, but Nike Air Max 95 is also obviously taking the flight, frequently appear in the Nike flagship store around the world, both the “silver bullet” and “metal gold” this Luxury style, but also has a “fresh mint” and “pure white” such a fresh dress, today, Nike Air max 95 is a low-key shelves of a Air Max 95 meters white retro shoes.

Allen said: This shoe, as always, adhering to the Nike Air Max 95 exquisite details. White white suede suede material and the same color of the mesh shoes with holes to form the entire upper. Although the same color suede suede, shoes, the main side of the wave pattern layering still exists, which is the essence of Nike Air Max 95 lies. In addition, the end of the white, still with 7 oxygen green air cushion, the perfect dotted shoes, so that the whole white white shoes as a whole look more lively and lively. Outsole with a common light brown wear-resistant chewing gum rubber outsole. Shoes at the Swoosh without any other color embellishment, almost low-key to unreasonable.
With a proposal: as a pair of classic retro shoes, but also has such a approachable color, with dark jeans and dark skirts, shorts to do with the color match will be a very good landscape.

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