Nike’s First Flyknit Bra Release

Nike launched a use of Flyknit weaving technology sports bra flyknit bra, the largest size. Flyknit weaving technology is the biggest feature of lightweight. This sports underwear uses a single layer of cloth, seamless suture, the weight of 30% lighter than ordinary underwear, you can provide the same breath in the movement needs of the support. Nike said it was so far Flyknit technology used in the apparel industry’s biggest innovation. Nike + members have 48 hours of priority.


Flyknit is Nike launched in 2012 a digital upper knit technology to light, one piece, seamless features, this technology has been used for almost Nike full line of shoes. Other sports brands are now almost all of this is used by consumers as “socks shoes” technology.

Nike claims that the technology weaves specific shapes that determine the specific characteristics of specific area support and breathability can be perfectly applied to women’s sports bras. “Nike Flyknit allows us to be extremely accurate on a single piece of fabric, and designers and engineers are able to determine the specific performance advantages for each pin,” said Janet Nichol, vice president of apparel innovation at the company, in a press release.

In this quarter’s women’s products, Nike is expanding its range of options. Matt Powell, an analyst at the long-term observational sports industry, commented that he hoped the sports industry would be able to figure out how to do business in 2017. He believes that competition for sports bra will win competition in the women’s sports market: “Women’s Sports Retail The level of service is far in short supply, which means that brands outside the industry now encroach on a large number of market share we deserve.

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