Nike Releases Limited Air Maximum 90 “Spiritual Level”

John Mayer is now one of the best guitarists on earth, and he is also a favorite of street people and sneakers. Singer / composer / world-class social media user John Mayer and GQ Style friends to discuss a variety of topics related to personal style. The 39-year-old star’s closet has become the feed of men’s fans, they have to jealous Mayer extensive collection of brands such as Visvim, Acronym and so on.

When he recently sat down with GQ, Meyer revealed that he had played a lot of time on nike air max 90, and had been creating different colors for various Air Max profiles. “I’m just waiting for it to stop on their website,” Mayer said in an interview with GQ Style. “I will provide it as my own shoe through my Shopify page. Just for fun! “Meyer announced the plan for this weekend, introducing a gray upper with a gray upper and a contrasting airbag with a gray upper” Air Level “.

For his version, Meyer created a gray, black, white and neon green bubble style, using the “Spirit Level” Air Max 90s unofficial name. Meyer has long been one of the most famous celebrities in business, of course, know that neon green bubbles reminiscent of the kind of level used to hang pictures at home. It is noteworthy that, ten years ago, he entered the fame, Meyer soon became known as one of the largest pop singers, even in the recent memory, he also favored more old style shoes, Such as boots and deerskin shoes.

In fact, we do not know how much John Mayer bought for these sports shoes, so it’s hard to guess how hard they will be. We do not know how much “gravity” star will sell, even though Meyer tells us via Twitter Direct Message that he just wants to earn enough money to buy a four packs of obvious Canadians. “Eventually this may not be the official cooperation of Nike x John Mayer, but in a strange way, Mayer’s rogue spirit makes the whole version more interesting to watch.

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