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Nigerian British rapper artist Skepta signature shoes Air Max 97 SK inspired by his love for Nike Air and away from London, his hometown of Morocco. Morocco Essaouira (Essaouira) is a 60 years rock star often come from a coastal city. In a journey on Essaouira, those wonderful colors, sounds and stories eventually shaped the cooperation of Air Max 97 SK.
To Morocco, this is a perfect place. I’ve found everything that makes me feel calm. I like the building here, colored crayons, taxis. You can easily walk into a small market, open a door, you will immediately enter a beautiful new world, and before you have never had such a look forward to ah
From Skepta in December 2016 to Marrakech photos.

This style reminds me of Nigeria, where people wear very casual but practical clothes. The embroidery on the clothes makes me feel like this is the noble royal dress, they all look like a king, queen, prince, princess. I would like to introduce embroidery elements in the street dress, although people feel that some specific elements should not appear in the street clothing. I want people to feel comfortable and comfortable.

After Marrakesh, we set foot on the road to Essaouira to explore its charm and ambience. We talk to a lot of people and do things that the locals do every day and feel like they’re back home.
In the design of Air Max 97 SK, we from the Moroccan color to draw inspiration, but also taking into account the 1999 Air Tuned Max color. This is what I have saved money to buy the first pair of shoes, so I want to put it into the Air Max 97, it is this magic so that my first time to see Air Max love at first sight.
Air Max 97 SK’s upper with colored polyurethane coating and copper-like material, matched with black sandwich mesh material and high-frequency welding Swoosh logo (not embroidery Swoosh logo). It draws inspiration from the 1999 Air Tuned Max color, including the yellow air cushion unit.
I remember when I was going to sleep at night, I would put it somewhere in the room, so that when I was lying on the bed, I could see it clearly. Its color looks like some kind of oil, from the exotic green into dark red, and then gradually fade.

Nike Air Tuned Max (1999)
We added the Moroccan-inspired embroidery elements to the tongue and the back, and added prints to the insoles, which reminds me of what I saw and heard in Morocco.
Shoes on the SK logo as a British plug shape, and shoes on the classic small Air Max TN air cushion badge complement each other.

Use Nike Ultra soles mold, Air Max 97 SK than the original weight of the shoe has been reduced in the single layer of the upper highlight of its iconic lines. It also uses a new design full palm air cushion, in the end of the foam density texture is more soft.
The print pattern on the insole is inspired by the Moroccan pattern and incorporates the Nike Swoosh logo. Tribute to the Air Max TN logo with the new SK logo in the shape of an English power outlet.

The printing of the tongue and the heel symbolizes Skepta’s movement of the locals wearing a decorative pattern during the trip to Morocco.
From the time I was seven years old in the manor to play everywhere, I have been wearing Air Max. I feel like I know my Air Max. We are running in the streets with Air Max, whether you go to the club or play in the street, in short, wearing Air Max in London is a very comfortable experience. In my young age full of magic and fantasy, these things are deeply in my mind.
“I’ve been wearing Air Max since I was seven years old at the manor, and I felt like I knew my Air Max.
I know that each of us has to go through some things, including those on the street. They want to look like they are fashionable and they want to look cooler. When they dress themselves, they want their own glory. Everyone wants to wear their equipment, experience that kind of situation and situation.
Air Max is worthy of the museum to pay tribute to the shoes, even if they are close to the art and the station is no less. That is why it is not just a pair of shoes, it is the meaning of me and never more than that. When looking at Air Max 97, I just think of childhood, and then recollection of it brought me the feeling. When we feel it, it is perfect.
It is perfect.
Nike Air Max 97 SK will be available in early September through NIKE + SNKRS WEB BETA, and the designated retail sales.



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