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20 years ago, Nike launched a pair of mountain bike industrial texture inspired by the silver sneakers – Air Max 97. It has a 360 degree reflective function, in the low light environment or camera flash light is extremely bright. Two years later, this shoe launched a golden color, laid the metal luster in this shoe design history of the core position.

The introduction of new hidden shoelaces design and full palm window cushioning air cushion, Air Max 97 Nike sports style innovation is the early representative. In order to explore the future of the spring of 2017 and autumn potential, Nike women’s series of designers will look to a material pioneer: Shihua Shihua Qi, as well as their crystal fabric, the innovative landscaping of the Air Max 97, and increase the durability Sex. This fabric contains tiny, dense cut and uncut crystals, which provide a shiny and tough look, showing the original iconic light.
In a visit to the Austrian Watson Swarovski Crystal headquarters, the Nike Women’s Color and Materials team was fortunate to have witnessed the company’s historical archives and learned how they had spent 12 years studying the Swarovski’s pioneering The Advanced Crystal standard is used in the production and innovative applications of products (including jewelery, clothing, fabrics, home furnishings, automotive interiors and tables). Nike women’s team is particularly interested in its crystal fabric (Crystal Fabric)
“This is an absolutely exciting project in terms of material innovation,” says Marie Crow, director of Nike sportswear design. “We want to explore its flashiness through an innovative approach And durability, we are very fond of this idea, with crystal fabric flashing light to re – create a pair is already a classic shoes.

Each square meter Swarovski crystal fabric contains about 1.17 million Swarovski crystals.
Crystal fabric and then need to go through a welding process, no needle stitching, according to the size of each pair of shoes, will be carefully cut the sample wrapped around the Air Max 97 bend, including a piece of heel trim. With the movement of the shoes, the crystal will reflect the light, creating a bright shine, radiant effect. Following the spring release of black color models, with Swarovski crystal decoration of the Air Max 97 LX is also the introduction of autumn silver color models, which marks the first time the Nike woman on the use of Swarovski crystal shoes, Nike is the first time so precious The material is applied to Air Max 97 by welding technology.

“Swarovski has a long tradition of innovation and creative cooperation and is proud of it,” said Markus Langes-Swarovski, a member of the Swarovski Executive Council. “We are very pleased “The Max Max 97 is a truly 360 – degree sparkling shoe that inspires our inspiration and imagines the wonderful sight of the speed and the light.”
Female silver Air Max 97 LX will be in the beginning of September from the designated retail stores in the country



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