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Air Max 1 The Most Ingenious Running Shoes

The first Air Max sports shoes, Air Max 1, was designed by Tinker Hatfield and current CEO Mark Parker in 1987. Air Max 1 pioneered epoch-making visions and greatly improved cushioning and stability. Inspired by the modern building in the center of Pompidou, Paris, its large glass façade makes the interior of the building at a glance. Tinker Hatfield after visiting the center of the Pompidou made Air Max’s iconic window visual air cushion concept and bright color scheme, and its actual development success.
Whether it is sidewalks, cement or asphalt on the ground, the Air Max 1 are only the same name – “runway.”
Air Max 1 is the originator of NIKE Air Max series running shoes.
For now, Air Max 1 is not just a professional running shoes, but also a cultural shoe, because of his unique streamlined design, slightly retro appearance, lightweight design makes her loved by young people. Especially in Europe and the United States, Air Max 1 has become a trend and cultural signs, you can even in all kinds of extreme sports to see her figure!
Air Max 1’s main technology for the back of the Max air cushion, to provide effective buffer and protection of footsteps.
Air Max 1 has become a bearing of various types of elements, has been out of the Mid-Autumn Festival commemorative edition, Valentine’s Day special edition, Olympic special edition, zodiac edition, gold and silver version, part of the commemorative edition of the festival and so on.
The usual Air Max 1 shoe box will also donate two feet pad pad, you can pad in the insoles under the arch, under the bow for the powerful design.
Air Max 1 Although the eternal classic, but it is undeniable Air Max 1 air cushion in some people who seek comfort has been a bit out of date. Therefore, NIKE sportswear in the Air Max 1 on the basis of the introduction of a lot of new Air Max running shoes products, the main popular Air Max 95, Air Max97, Air Max 180, Air Max 90, Air Max powerwall and so on. Which has to mention the Air Max 90, it can be said Air Max 90 is the Air Max 1 has been on the Air Max as a cultural shoe return, because the appearance of Air Max 90 and Air Max 1 appearance similar to the wonderful The At the same time Air Max 90 increase and thicker Air Max 1 air cushion, widen soles, play a better stability effect. It can be said, Air Max 1 and Air Max 90 as a pair of father and son!
Air Maxim 1
Is Air Max 1 improved version, the main feature is that it is more compact design, basic shape and Air Max 1 exactly the same!
Air Max 1 will give us more surprises, it will never be old, I have the glory of it, this glory and joy only you can experience!

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