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Virgil Abloh And Nike Build A New Design Project – THE TEN

Virgil Abloh’s relationship with Nike began as early as his first visit to Nike’s global headquarters in October 2016 to open a new partnership. Growing up in Rockford, Illinois, Virgil Abloh, teenager, along with his friends sketched sketches about the creativity of the shoes and sent them to Nike. “We are fascinated by Air Jordan, Virgil Abloh said, he was 36 years old, resident in Milan and Chicago,” Michael Jordan is a legend. In my heart he is Superman. My entire design background and spirit are from the 90s.

Virgil Abloh says his early design education comes from sports shoes, hip-hop culture, rock album cover and graffiti art, and then he combines these orthodox training in contact with the architectural and engineering fields. Now as a successful creative director, DJ, designer and founder of the OFF-WHITE brand, Virgil Abloh tries to dilute the boundaries between creative processes, rewrite fashion and design rules, and integrate humor and DIY elements into his Design practice.

“When I first came to Beaverton, I immediately wanted to make something, Virgil Abloh said,” I waited for so many years, is not just want to meet in Nike. During his first visit to Nike, he used the multi-purpose utility knife and the Mark Pen to redesign the Nike Air Force 1 Low classic cool black shoes and let his staff wear the pair of unique shoes in December last year Miami Design Expo (Design Miami /), where he also exhibited its own brand OFF-WHITE furniture.

“Michael Jordan is a legend. In my mind he is Superman. My entire design background and spirit are from the 90s.” – Virgil Abloh

The 12-footer was made by Matt Kilgore of Blue Ribbon Studio (Kiki) Seoul is the son of Bruce Kilgore, who designed the original Air Force 1 in 1982. Virgil Abloh hopes that the inner bubble of the tongue will reveal, with the silver Swoosh logo and conspicuous pin and bold text to pay tribute to Beaverton, Oregon, the birthplace of this pair of shoes.

To determine the re-design language, coupled with Virgil Abloh can not wait to achieve his dream of life, and ultimately the birth of the “The Ten” project, by Virgil Abloh and Nike to explore ten pairs of Nike shoes design may be.

“What we’re talking about here is not just sports shoes, it’s higher than the design culture,” says Virgil Abloh. “It’s like a top design art. This ten shoes break the barrier between performance and style. For me, they are like the statue of David or the portrait of Mona Lisa. No matter how you think and refute, they always represent a certain meaning. This is the most important.

“Most creative decisions are made in the first three hours.” – Virgil Abloh

This ten pairs of shoes are divided into two themes. The first theme is “REVEALING”, which makes the shoes look like at hand by tailoring, open source and re-constructed design methods, including Air Jordan I, Nike Air Presto, Nike Air VaporMax and Nike Blazer Mid.

The second theme is “GHOSTING”, through the translucent vamp design to make shoes look more glance, the use of ordinary materials will be the second theme under the shoes as one, including Converse Chuck Taylor, Nike Zoom Fly SP, Nike Air Force 1 Low, Nike React Hyperdunk 2017 and Nike Air Max 97.

Virgil Abloh’s fast pace and Nike’s compact timeline perfect match, the achievements of the history of Nike’s fastest cooperation one: 10 pairs of shoes, 10 months, from the formation of the creative to the final release, at one go. After the official launch of the project is the first task of Nike’s five pairs of iconic shoes to re-design: Air Jordan I, Air Max 90, Air Presto, Nike Air VaporMax and Blazer Mid, time is very urgent. “Most of the creative decisions were made in the first three hours, and the real design and implementation took two to three days,” recalls Virgil Abloh. “I finished Jordan with a design process. It is really a dream like a state of work. I have just seen it, it has been completed.

Just as the original Air Force 1 on the small test chopper, multi-purpose art knife has become a critical tool in the design process. Virgil Abloh uses it to show the bubbles in each pair of shoes (and move their Nike mark), move the Swoosh logo (and sometimes magnify the logo), by (each pair of different parts of the orange) Add fresh colors.

This series of “REVEALING” features are also reflected in its humorous and cute text markings, such as “Air” and “Air” and “Air” and “Air” Words.

Although the design process looks more complicated, but Virgil Abloh said he really hope that this process can make people feel at your fingertips, like opening a pair of shoes chest, to show you its internal innovation. “Yes, we design an ideal product, but as long as you go to the local store to see, use your home tools, you can make this pair of shoes, Virgil Abloh said.
This design method also reflects the Nike “Just Do It” concept, with a hard effort to achieve a person’s own potential. “I spent a lot of time thinking about the kids who were the same as me, who were passionate about the design but no direction,” Virgil Abloh said. “They need a path to understand the true meaning of the design.”

For Virgil Abloh, the design of the Nike Air VaporMax in the REVEALING series gave him an exciting challenge because the shoes were not yet released. The other two pairs of unpacked shoes Nike Zoom Fly SP and Nike React Hyperdunk 2017 also use their new ideas and potential for this process has brought similar fun and inspiration. Virgil Abloh from Breaking2 Nike Zoom Vaporfly Elite running shoes and basketball series React Hyperdunk 2017 cutting-edge innovation technology to draw inspiration, decided to use translucent vamp design, in this series to introduce a called “GHOSTING” revolution The Through these five pairs of shoes, including the first appeared in the Hyperdunk basketball shoes (Converse Chuck Taylor and Nike Air Force 1 Low) and Vaporfly Elite before the emergence of the iconic running shoes, Virgil Abloh said he hoped With a semi-shade of ordinary material to their 94 years of history linked.
“When I was in high school all year long, I played soccer, skateboarding, cycling, Virgil Abloh said,” from the sport I know athletes have their innate style and focus, the designer is no exception, this also It was my reason for the design fascination. So that they continue to advance the power of the championship from the heart of the deep.

Through the Converse company since 1923 released shoes and Nike from 1972 to date so far the design gene, The Ten series of open source features that really reproduce the sports and sports shoes have defined the long-lasting real charm of the shoes The They have survived the test of time and sublimated into a strong catalyst in The Ten series. Through them, people will understand not only the design of footwear, but all the design.

“Athletes and designers have their own style and focus.” – Virgil Abloh

“On the one hand, I want to highlight how perfect the Nike design system and the production process are,” says Virgil Abloh. “By combining these shoes with the design elements that demonstrate their ‘hand-made’ design, we have strengthened this ten- Human factors, to expand their emotional connection.
Nike will be held in New York and London, “Nike Off Campus” activities to celebrate the full range of the release of the Ten, and participants to enjoy the inspiration behind the series of creative ideas. “Nike Off Campus” will be held September 6 to 8 in Wall Street on the 23rd.

The Nike Air Max 90 and Nike Air VaporMax will be held in New York (September 9 – 13), London (September 18-22), Milan (September 21-25) and Paris (September 26-30) NikeLab store first released.

The full range of ten pairs of shoes will be in November in the global NikeLab shops and designated retail sale.

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