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Nike Air Max 25º Aniversario

If last year in the last semester Nike air max 90 celebrated with the launching of “Nike Air Pegasus 30” the 30th Anniversary of the Pegasus Family. Today Nike is back to celebrating celebrating the 25th anniversary of Air Max, a shoe that marked a milestone. A before and after for the brand itself.

Air Max today are shoes with great prestige. The Air Max technology is not one of the cheapest, that is: the shoes can range from € 120 to € 299. As I mentioned before, the Air Max family are usually the most expensive shoes in the catalog because of their technology, material, design, etc …

Air Max has become a cult shoe. Adored by many. Adored by lovers of this model since its inception, air max 90sports lovers, lovers of shoes and especially in recent years we have also seen a boom with the Hipsters and Bakalas (chonis, polygoneros, macarras, canis … in every point of Spain he gives them an alias, although I think they all say it according to the answer, hehe.Although we are only talking about the way of dressing and many of these last words are used more as a descriptive or offensive form, therefore we are left with Bakalas).

The first Air Max was launched on March 26, 1978, to celebrate Nike invites us to today we all fit an Nike Air Max and that we even photograph with them on and upload to social networks with the hashtag #Airmax. Today is the Air Max Day and there are many celebrities who are aiming to share their shoes on social networks. Among them our great athlete No. 1: Rafa Nadal, who has his own line on Nike. I personally love the Nike collection for Tennis by Rafa Nadal and it is even very good to wear Sportwear.

Since the launch of the Air Max several models marked a wake in their own family thanks to their improvements, new designs, ideas, materials … Nike has been working to renew and improve its technology. One of the last Air Max we have seen are the Nike Flyknit Air Max, which combine the 2 technologies. The Air Max sole with air chamber and the polyester fabric structure of the shoe itself. They look beautiful to me and they are already in 3 colors.

Also make reference to the design of the AM90. As I said those innovations or new designs of some sneakers marked a wake for the following generations. And now we can see the resemblance of the current Air Max with the style of the Air max AM90 and as Nike has returned to its origins and after creating quite futuristic Air Max … we have seen how they have returned to their beginnings inspired by the first Air Max launched in 1978. There is nothing, right? As time goes. I was not born!

To top off this birthday, Nike will re-edit a current version inspired entirely Nike Air Max by the design of the originals and that will have on their tongue the reminder label of their Anniversary. For Air Max lovers this re-edition is mandatory and a unique opportunity, especially for those who were not born, to fit the first and original Air Max but with the innovations, improvements and qualities of today.

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