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AKA Shoes Will Wear For Everyone

I don’t get tire of saying that this and this are back on trend… People! in fact we are in the new 80’s-90’s, our parents’ guardrope is the best source of inspiration.

I remember perfectly buying two pairs of giant Sketchers tennis that I loved, especially ones that were tennis/mule, but very soon my love happened to be hate and they remained in the depths of my closet for years; today I am thinking very seriously asking my mother if they are still there.

Since the althleisure wave began and comfort was accepted as luxury, we saw the revival of the New Balance and their reincorporation in street wear, as also the came back from the Nike Air Max, but when Adidas x Raf Simons hit the market his Ozweego sneakers that ran out in minutes, was the beginning of everything.

Streetwear and big brands had never been so synchronized and Balenciaga was one of the first houses to support this trend when it launched its Triple S sneakers, which was followed by Prada, Dior Homme, Gucci, Lanvin, Acne Studios , Vetements, now Louis Vuitton and others the past two seasons.cheap nike air max

Do I think they are beautiful?… The truth is, I do not haha ​​but this is the maximalism, they are chunky, big and bulky. They have that something that makes me think “they are ugly and that’s why I like them”, besides, as I said, they have that element that makes me go back to my childhood. #MillennialNostalgia

But do not worry that you don’t have to jump to this trend of total exaggeration, there are much lighter options such as Reebok, and some New Balance, Sketchers, and even Nike, which in the end were the ones that inspired the reincarnation of these sneakers.cheap air max

And if you love the Balenciaga’s as much as me, do not worry either because Zara has more friendlier options to our purse, just as other fast fashion stores are starting to “inspire” or already have pieces like these.

As a conclusion I can say that sincerely any trend that allows me to be more comfortable is welcome in my closet.cheap air max 90

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