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Nike in the 1980s

The 1980s was a great decade for shoes and fashion today. At that time we cheap nike air max saw the use of emoji as figures embroidered in denim, sportswear began to be more informal, Wayfarers and sneakers. Most of the trends made in this decade are returning and tending these days.baratas air max

Air Jordan Logo 1985 (Taken from:
This decade was very successful for Nike. In this decade, the Jordan franchise was born and has been one of the most successful over the years. It was 1985 when the Air Jordan I sneakers were launched by Nike. It was a new starting point for the shoe industry as we know it. The Jordan I was excluded by the league but Michael Jordan used them anyway, causing the league to fine him with $ 5,000 per game.

Air Jordan I (prohibited) (Taken from:
Jordan made 5 pitches in this decade. They launch a new model every air max 90 The man behind the most successful designs is Tinker Hatfield, a former athletic runner from the University of Oregon who still designs shoes for Nike.

Air Max 1 (Taken from: Sneakerpedia)
Jordan was not the only successful Nike franchise in this decade. In 1987, Nike launched Air Max, which featured an air-cushioned sole for greater comfort for athletes. Over the years, Nike launched more products with this type of sole and became a classic. Air Max will turn 30 this year and is returning with 30 retro models that will take us to the eighties.

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