Air Max 98 in the low-key return in 2014 once, and last year as NikeLab and Supreme joint demonstration of the protagonist appeared. And this return rumors are not without a trace, from the end of last year, Nike to celebrate the Air Max 97 was born 20 years, has launched the Silver Bullet and Metallic Gold two pairs of colors

The design of the use of high-quality leather production of white shoes, with echoes of the white air cushion in the end and translucent rubber outsole, exquisite small like a jewelry-like Swoosh embellishment in the sideways, showing simple and engaging atmosphere.

Brought Mariah the most well-known color (white, blue and infrared). Which also opened a new stage of Nike design, Nike will continue to run the cushioning technology to a new level, and in 1991 released two new Nike Air Icarus and Nike Air Max 180. Air Mariah’s color has become synonymous with this period and the key gear of running fashion revival.

Nike Free Barefoot Series Running Shoes

NIKE FREE barefoot series running shoes is one of the most popular Nike running shoes for the past two years. Series of general forefoot is Waffle waffle outsole design, with a lot of protruding friction block, with a very suitable for running the grip, and can be scattered impact, so that running more comfortable. Shoes with BRS1000 carbon fiber rubber, but the intense friction will leave black mark on the ground. If you press the Nike running shoes flexibility rating, 0.0 for the barefoot running, 10.0 for the ordinary running shoes.

NIKE FREE series is the world’s leading sports product manufacturers Nike Group, a classic series. According to product type, should be classified as Nike’s footwear production line in the running shoes series style. From the scope of its movement in terms of science and technology, NIKE FREE series of sports is “barefoot run” concept-based nike free running technology. According to its simulation “barefoot” free running level is divided into nike free 3.0, nike free 5.0 and nike free 7.0 and other styles.

Upper with double elastic board design with breathable mesh cloth, in the end with compressed EVA and Free sipes reinforcement before the soles of the feet. The outsole uses BRS1000 rubber to enhance its durability, FREE 3.0 is a highly sensitive training shoe designed to enhance the strength of the feet and legs. In the design and other running shoes have been very different, with a layer of fabric linked soles, but also very small.

Nike Air Max 2015 experience the Nike Meng sister property

In the long long road running, there is no set of seductive equipment, I am afraid that the power should be less on the half. To the running shoes a good sale of the upper and even soles, Nike has always been the best thing to do, Nike also decided to launch the same day Nike Air Max 2015 NIKEiD exclusive customization service, no mistake, 2015 Nike Air Max can also be private Customized.

The biggest improvement in the upper is that the vamps are designed to provide a good breathable effect, in addition to the use of single-layer design to provide a good breathable effect, the tongue and other parts are still using double-layer design to increase comfort. At the same time Nike Flywire fly line was implanted in the upper, in order to get better package and compatible with more foot shape. Heel at the use of the foam design in addition to get a soft support, but also bring a lighter quality, compared with the Air Max 2014, Nike Air Max 2015 weight reduction of about 50g. Plus the whole foot of Max Air look forward to, as a beginner do not need to consider too many moves to bring the trouble, the cylinder structure for the foot into the more air, from the heel to the toes off the ground and a series of action to provide strong support The To know that the degree of support and shock absorption has always been only shift, if there is no long-distance running requirements, Nike Air Max 2015 enough to meet the needs. But these are not the focus, when a pair of eye-catching shoes to wear on the feet or give Mengmei, there will be unexpected good results!


Air Max 2015 still follow the previous two generations of the whole palm of the Air Max air cushion design, you can see from the photo, Air Max 2015 biggest improvement is that the upper is used Flyknit + Flywire with, seems to be further Improve the support of the upper. From the top view you can see, the toe also uses a technology similar to Techfit, I do not know whether it will enhance the paralysis of the forefoot. This pair of new shoes equipped with a hot Flywire dynamic fly line technology, the iconic Air Max 360 air cushion is still retained, the combination of the two must be for the wearer to provide a more fit, comfortable running experience. Color, Air Max 2015 gradient design makes it a hot mix of fashion. NIKE logo in reverse way, more special.

Followed by, compared to 14 of the shoe last, Air Max 2015 shoe last significantly narrower. It is worth noting that the first time we saw NIke in the Max Air cushion unit printed on the graphics text. By the fine thick AIRMAX words, and followed by the large LOGO to Air Max 2015 added a bit domineering. Two different colors, and Air Max 2015 also continue to sell ~


Draymond Green (Draymond Green) has been wearing Nike React Hyperdunk 2017 Flyknit set foot on the highest stage of basketball world. The new Nike React cushioning technology brings comfort, support and responsiveness of the energy feedback, but also Hyperdunk series which is quite innovative attempt. Vane with Flyknit technology for the shoes to provide a fixed degree of ductility and permeability, while the foot by the point of the design of the outsole is to enhance the grip.

“The first to wear the latest version of Hyperdunk is unusual for me, to know that this is Nike basketball, the world’s stars are gathered here and I turned out to be the first experience of this new technology, I feel incredible. When I mention Nike, the first thought is the continuation of ten classic, “Green said. “This shoe is both lightweight and resilient, allowing me to sprint and move on the pitch.”


Classic return of the Nike Classic Cortez SE men’s shoes to regain the famous Cortez color, with high-quality leather, reproduction of the 90’s classic film in the 1990s classic fashion shoes.
Other details, low to help design, giving the ankle flexible and comfortable experience, cushioning in the end of the whole palm-shaped foam soles, creating a comfortable foot feel, character font grip shading, effectively enhance the grip.

CORTEZ Origin: Nike Cortez is Bill Bowerman launched the master virgin, light texture and extraordinary climate adaptability excellent fusion, became the classic. In 1972, it is integrated with the extraordinary cushioning system, the achievements of the field of running fast to create, and to Starfire Liaoyuan trend to become the country’s popular training shoes. It is extraordinary shining handed down the classic, to walk your posture to promote your story and glory, carrying a sharp style to create a wave of sweeping the streets of Los Angeles. Since then, Nike Cortez lay the honorable status of running shoes, proud running shoes industry.