Tinker Hatfield diseñada en 1987 por el lanzamiento de Air Max 1 ha abierto un nuevo capítulo en los zapatos para correr, y Air Max 1 no es el primero en crear zapatos para correr con colchón de aire, ya en 1978 de Air Tailwind será el primero en disfrutar de la unidad de diseño de la almohadilla de visualización. A medida que el mercado refleja Lie Qiang, Nike ha iniciado el proceso de desarrollo de esta tecnología de amortiguación, la forma de diseñar, amortiguador y por lo tanto sobre la forma de ajustar la distribución y el diseño de una serie de valores de presión para ser desarrollado por Nike era la máxima prioridad. De esta manera, en 1985, Nike especialmente invitado con 30 años de experiencia profesional experto David Forland juntos para desarrollar. Aunque en el colchón de aire tiempo de diseño visual era Insiders burla, e incluso los aficionados del zapato también expresaron dudas diseñados para este propósito, pero los dos insistido finalmente pagar, tanto en el ámbito científico y tecnológico o el nivel de apariencia, dejar que la tecnología del aire ha alcanzado un nivel sin precedentes Altura. Desde entonces cojín de aire se aplica a lo visible entre el creciente número de zapatos, y se desarrolló lentamente en una carga de aire de todo el cojín de palma, que es el colchón de aire máximo en evolución proceso de desarrollo. Aquí, vamos a seguir la imagen de un vistazo como Nike buque insignia de los zapatos de la serie Air Max de estructura de cojín de aire que

Nike air cojín proceso de desarrollo resumen

Air Max 1 cojín de aire visible
Por lo tanto, la primera técnica usando cojín Nike Air modelo visual nacimiento, después de que se utilizó por primera vez en el Max Nike Air 1. Antes de que se introdujera, el Air-Sole se estaba adelgazando, no aumentando.
“La unidad Air-Sole se está adelgazando, haciendo que el proceso de producción sea sencillo”, recordó Flanders. “Lo que queremos lograr es inyectar más aire en las suelas para lograr un fuerte sentido de amortiguación”.
Con el fin de mejorar la sensación de caminar en el aire, Flandes pronto cambió el camino.
“Recordando la historia de Air Max, especialmente la historia entre 1987 y 1993, se encuentra uno de los principales criterios para distinguir cada generación es la generación de una nueva generación de productos será capaz de dar cabida a más de la cantidad de materiales de aire y espuma con incluso menos. pérdida de material de espuma haría, pero no el aire. “dijo Flandes.


Air Max 180 visible air cushion
“The Air Max 180 is one of the most difficult shoes in the Air Max series of sports shoes,” Flanders recalled.
At that time, Air Max 1, Air Max 180 and Air Max 90 were placed in the front foot of the Air-Sole unit. But are completely sealed, is invisible. As a result of the increasing demand for running shoes that have no foam material at all, a major discovery came into being. There is a new Air-Sole production method called blow molding.
The technology is first used in the Air Max 93, so that Air-Soles without pressure in the case, can be 3-D molding. This means that Air-Soles can be formed according to the front palm of the athletic shoes. Air Max 95 takes full advantage of this innovation, including two separate blow molding Air-Sole units, is also the first time in the front foot using visual air cushion design.

    Air Max 93’s visible air cushion

Air Max 95 visual air cushion
In 1997, in the production, development and design work under the full support of how to make the whole palm Air-Sole password was cracked. The first is to create an interrelated heel and forefoot unit. The next task is how to pocket a long enough to melt the film, which closed the length of the whole palm of the three-dimensional model. After several prototypes and a leap, Air Max 97 was born.

Air Max 97 visible air cushion
After deciphering the fu
ll air cushion, the idea of ​​air cushion seems to be endless. Nike began to focus on other forms of cushioning, one of which is Tuned Air. This innovative technology for air cushioning was first used in Air Max Plus in 1999 and was used to enhance the stability of Nike Max Air cushioning.

Air Max Plus’s visual air cushion
The next innovative form is the 2006 Air Max, 360, which eventually in the first Air Max, was born almost 20 years after the realization of the production of fully foam-free material Air Max shoes target. In order to m
ake Air Max 360, Flanders’ team used Caged Air technology to replace foam material as a stabilizer.

Air Max 360 visual air cushion
Elimination of the full realization of the foam material does not mean that the end of Air Max, evolution. Nike realized the dream, but could not resist how to improve the temptation of the product. To further, Flanders and his team shifted the focus from the elimination of foamed materials to increased flexibility. Using the cylinder structure, Air Max, 15 in the Air-Sole built-in deep curved groove, and finally completed the most flexible Max Air cushioning cushion.

Air Max 201
5 visual air cushion

After a long journey, Flanders did not innovate without risk.

“I remember the first blown molded Air-Sole unit.We worked hard for a long time and did not know if people would accept it,” Flanders said. “I remember when the first Air Max, sneaker was issued, I was at an airport, and I was calling a technician in the lab and saw someone wearing a pair of Air Max from the side. I looked at him in the phone booth and said ‘The bigger the risk, the bigger the harvest, and the Air Max, it’ s going to start here. ‘


20 years ago, Nike launched a pair of mountain bike industrial texture inspired by the silver sneakers – Air Max 97. It has a 360 degree reflective function, in the low light environment or camera flash light is extremely bright. Two years later, this shoe launched a golden color, laid the metal luster in this shoe design history of the core position.

The introduction of new hidden shoelaces design and full palm window cushioning air cushion, Air Max 97 Nike sports style innovation is the early representative. In order to explore the future of the spring of 2017 and autumn potential, Nike women’s series of designers will look to a material pioneer: Shihua Shihua Qi, as well as their crystal fabric, the innovative landscaping of the Air Max 97, and increase the durability Sex. This fabric contains tiny, dense cut and uncut crystals, which provide a shiny and tough look, showing the original iconic light.
In a visit to the Austrian Watson Swarovski Crystal headquarters, the Nike Women’s Color and Materials team was fortunate to have witnessed the company’s historical archives and learned how they had spent 12 years studying the Swarovski’s pioneering The Advanced Crystal standard is used in the production and innovative applications of products (including jewelery, clothing, fabrics, home furnishings, automotive interiors and tables). Nike women’s team is particularly interested in its crystal fabric (Crystal Fabric)
“This is an absolutely exciting project in terms of material innovation,” says Marie Crow, director of Nike sportswear design. “We want to explore its flashiness through an innovative approach And durability, we are very fond of this idea, with crystal fabric flashing light to re – create a pair is already a classic shoes.

Each square meter Swarovski crystal fabric contains about 1.17 million Swarovski crystals.
Crystal fabric and then need to go through a welding process, no needle stitching, according to the size of each pair of shoes, will be carefully cut the sample wrapped around the Air Max 97 bend, including a piece of heel trim. With the movement of the shoes, the crystal will reflect the light, creating a bright shine, radiant effect. Following the spring release of black color models, with Swarovski crystal decoration of the Air Max 97 LX is also the introduction of autumn silver color models, which marks the first time the Nike woman on the use of Swarovski crystal shoes, Nike is the first time so precious The material is applied to Air Max 97 by welding technology.

“Swarovski has a long tradition of innovation and creative cooperation and is proud of it,” said Markus Langes-Swarovski, a member of the Swarovski Executive Council. “We are very pleased “The Max Max 97 is a truly 360 – degree sparkling shoe that inspires our inspiration and imagines the wonderful sight of the speed and the light.”
Female silver Air Max 97 LX will be in the beginning of September from the designated retail stores in the country


Nigerian British rapper artist Skepta signature shoes Air Max 97 SK inspired by his love for Nike Air and away from London, his hometown of Morocco. Morocco Essaouira (Essaouira) is a 60 years rock star often come from a coastal city. In a journey on Essaouira, those wonderful colors, sounds and stories eventually shaped the cooperation of Air Max 97 SK.
To Morocco, this is a perfect place. I’ve found everything that makes me feel calm. I like the building here, colored crayons, taxis. You can easily walk into a small market, open a door, you will immediately enter a beautiful new world, and before you have never had such a look forward to ah
From Skepta in December 2016 to Marrakech photos.

This style reminds me of Nigeria, where people wear very casual but practical clothes. The embroidery on the clothes makes me feel like this is the noble royal dress, they all look like a king, queen, prince, princess. I would like to introduce embroidery elements in the street dress, although people feel that some specific elements should not appear in the street clothing. I want people to feel comfortable and comfortable.

After Marrakesh, we set foot on the road to Essaouira to explore its charm and ambience. We talk to a lot of people and do things that the locals do every day and feel like they’re back home.
In the design of Air Max 97 SK, we from the Moroccan color to draw inspiration, but also taking into account the 1999 Air Tuned Max color. This is what I have saved money to buy the first pair of shoes, so I want to put it into the Air Max 97, it is this magic so that my first time to see Air Max love at first sight.
Air Max 97 SK’s upper with colored polyurethane coating and copper-like material, matched with black sandwich mesh material and high-frequency welding Swoosh logo (not embroidery Swoosh logo). It draws inspiration from the 1999 Air Tuned Max color, including the yellow air cushion unit.
I remember when I was going to sleep at night, I would put it somewhere in the room, so that when I was lying on the bed, I could see it clearly. Its color looks like some kind of oil, from the exotic green into dark red, and then gradually fade.

Nike Air Tuned Max (1999)
We added the Moroccan-inspired embroidery elements to the tongue and the back, and added prints to the insoles, which reminds me of what I saw and heard in Morocco.
Shoes on the SK logo as a British plug shape, and shoes on the classic small Air Max TN air cushion badge complement each other.

Use Nike Ultra soles mold, Air Max 97 SK than the original weight of the shoe has been reduced in the single layer of the upper highlight of its iconic lines. It also uses a new design full palm air cushion, in the end of the foam density texture is more soft.
The print pattern on the insole is inspired by the Moroccan pattern and incorporates the Nike Swoosh logo. Tribute to the Air Max TN logo with the new SK logo in the shape of an English power outlet.

The printing of the tongue and the heel symbolizes Skepta’s movement of the locals wearing a decorative pattern during the trip to Morocco.
From the time I was seven years old in the manor to play everywhere, I have been wearing Air Max. I feel like I know my Air Max. We are running in the streets with Air Max, whether you go to the club or play in the street, in short, wearing Air Max in London is a very comfortable experience. In my young age full of magic and fantasy, these things are deeply in my mind.
“I’ve been wearing Air Max since I was seven years old at the manor, and I felt like I knew my Air Max.
I know that each of us has to go through some things, including those on the street. They want to look like they are fashionable and they want to look cooler. When they dress themselves, they want their own glory. Everyone wants to wear their equipment, experience that kind of situation and situation.
Air Max is worthy of the museum to pay tribute to the shoes, even if they are close to the art and the station is no less. That is why it is not just a pair of shoes, it is the meaning of me and never more than that. When looking at Air Max 97, I just think of childhood, and then recollection of it brought me the feeling. When we feel it, it is perfect.
It is perfect.
Nike Air Max 97 SK will be available in early September through NIKE + SNKRS WEB BETA, and the designated retail sales.

Nike Rosherun NM“Triple Black”

The last Nike Rosherun NM “Triple Black” variation stands out with the use of a safari print always praised by followers of Tinker Hatfield.The 1987 print just give some contrast to the timeless Roshe classy silhouette. The shoe is now available at some European retailers such as Titolo. Safari print has made the rounds throughout much of the Swoosh arsenal, and for the most part, its never not welcome. The iconic print which of course was established back in 1987, doesn’t look as good on some styles as it does others, an unfortunate truth thats just a matter of fact. Yet, is most cases, safari does the trick exceptionally well if not amplifying the look above face value. Today, the Nike Roshe Run NM “Black Safari” not only successfully

implements the timeless print, but pairs it with an on trend black-on-black theme. This union evokes a sense of sports and opulence thats hard to ignore. Shades of black engulf the shoe while safari print dominates the upper as the commanding creation is known to do. Check out this new Roshe Run for yourself after the break and let us know what you think.


With Nike´s latest instalment the footwear giant takes you behind the innovation and beyond the imagination presenting “The Nature of Motion” short film to unveil the Nike Free RN Flyknit. With NikeLab elevating the latest Nike Free technology, Nike has been committed to the natural motion of the athlete; Co-founder of the renowned sportswear brand Bill Bowerman thought the ideal sneaker should act as a “second skin to the foot”. With their latest iteration of the Nike Free the footwear giant draws from new insights of world-class athletes to take dynamic natural motion further with a tri-star auxetic outsole geometry that expands and contracts in two directions, providing multi-directional flexibility and support as a runner’s foot gains and loses volume. Nike will be showcasing their latest innovations with their exhibition “The Nature of Motion” at Milano Design Week 2016.

NikeLab´s creative designers unveiled a full range of experimental sneakers exploring the idea of “natural motion” and the concepts behind it. Starting with Flyknit uppers, they created a series of sneakers inventions that rethink materials and take inspiration from places as diverse as cat whiskers and champagne packaging. It’s about finding the magic in experimentation and inspiring designers to dream big and think differently. It’s about embracing “What if…” and rediscovering wonder. You can see the full collection at Nike’s Nature Of Motion exhibition during Milan Design Week.


The last Nike Rosherun NM “Triple Black” variation stands out with the use of a safari print always praised by followers of Tinker Hatfield.The 1987 print just give some contrast to the timeless Roshe classy silhouette. The shoe is now available at some European retailers such as Titolo. Safari print has made the rounds throughout much of the Swoosh arsenal, and for the most part, its never not welcome. The iconic print which of course was established back in 1987, doesn’t look as good on some styles as it does others, an unfortunate truth thats just a matter of fact. Yet, is most cases, safari does the trick exceptionally well if not amplifying the look above face value. Today, the Nike Roshe Run NM “Black Safari” not only successfully implements the timeless print, but pairs it with an on trend black-on-black theme. This union evokes a sense of sports and opulence thats hard to ignore. Shades of black engulf the shoe while safari print dominates the upper as the commanding creation is known to do. Check out this new Roshe Run for yourself after the break and let us know what you think.

Nike has introduced a summer-perfect rendition of its classic Air Max 90, in the Ultra Breeze Plus QS. The silhouette features the familiar Air Max 90 style, while its traditional upper has been replaced with a full open mesh construction. The mesh upper will allow for utmost breathability, while being lightweight and maintaining a traditional sneaker silhouette without looking sock-like. Its “Pure Platinum” iteration features a gray-white upper set atop a crisp white sole with translucent white outsole accents. On the other end of the spectrum, the “Black” colorwayfeatures an all-over black mesh upper, contrasted with a white sole and gray Swoosh. Both pairs will be available at Livestock on August 6.

Nike Air Max 97 Ultra New Color

In addition to one after another will be the most representative of the color back, Nike has not forgotten the way to the classic Air Max 97 remodeling. The new Air Max 97 Ultra in the continuation of highly recognizable shoe body contours, based on the use of lightweight materials to create, this pair of “Infrared / Black” color to highlight the red as the main tone, and shoelace system, Signature wave pattern, followed by pull ring and other details are used to echo the air in the end of the black, and supplemented by silver Swoosh embellishment. It is reported that the new Nike Air Max 97 Ultra “Infrared / Black” priced at $ 160 or so, will be officially debut in the fall!

Following the Hong Kong subway-inspired HBX exclusive series, the California street brand Diamond Supply Co. has brought a new joint plan with DJ legend Steve Aoki. This series is mainly based on the main package, through the eye-catching skull or dragon pattern with “Aoki” and “Diamond” words show, which in addition to long and short sleeve T-Shirt and hoodies, the highlights also include a piece of embroidery embroidery Baseball jacket. Pricing ranges from $ 38 to $ 145, the Steve Aoki x Diamond Supply Co. series is now available through brands located in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco stores and online stores.

AIR in this year’s ferocious offensive, in addition to the Supreme joint gorgeous debut, many new color is unique personality of the bright choice! In front of this Nike Air More Uptempo “Tri-Color” is the white toe opening, black and white gray tricolor presentation, the AIR style split, unique visual effects unforgettable! Is expected to be officially on sale on August 12, interested friends may wish to pay attention.


Nike presents the Nike Air Max 1 Essential Pack for this spring. The Air Max 1 comes with a tonal mesh and soft suede upper all kicks feature a white swoosh, white Air Max midsole and a gum rubber outsole. The Essential Pack will be available in three color ways – black/sail, gym red/sail and pro green/sail.

After introducing the Air Max 1 Essential Pack new pics appeared on several blogs of a matte silver version, it seems the lost brother from Nike´s Essential Pack is now available at few retailers in the states and Japan. I hope this beauty will be up for grab at some of the common stores in europe as well. This simple and clean pair comes in a matte silver upper made of nylon and suede. Like the other colorways from this pack the Air Max has an off-white midsole and a gum outsole giving them a vintage aesthetic.


Jordan shoes come in a variety of colors and there are some that are more trendy than useful. Some will make you pay a lot of money because they light up and sparkle, while the more plain type of Jordan shoes can be what you need for better foot support.

nike free 5.0 The best thing you can do for yourself when buying Jordan shoes is to make sure you buy something that fits with the sport you are going to use. As an example, some of the Jordan shoes will be good for an overall sneaker. They are designed specifically for good service to feet in mind and you will be sure that your feet will be in comfort.

When you can only buy one type of shoe a basic cross training shoe would be your best bet because it is made to support you through a variety of training programs. A good example of this shoe is the Air Jordan Oo’Wee Trainer. This one is designed to be an inside and outside trainer and it also gives you the support you need.

One thing to remember is that Jordan shoes are supposed to support your feet in a different way than other shoes. nike air max 1 They will protect joints, bones and muscles then absorb the shock from jumping and running. Depending on the sport, they may need to take ware and tear on a daily basis and stand up to rigorous training.

When you are trying out a pair of shoes one good test is to try and bend the bottom part of the shoe. If it bends easily put it back on the shelf because it’s not going to give you the type of support you need. Some manufacturers create shoes for the trendy demand but they may not hold up under pressure.

As you go into the shoe store don’t be afraid to experiment. As an example, if you are a woman with a wide foot you might try a New Balance or a pair of Air Jordan 11s. These can help those people with a wider foot. Also, if you are a woman, try a man’s custom Nike shoes because they are usually wider than a woman’s shoe.

nike air force 1 Opt for comfort when you purchase a Nike basketball shoe. Make sure that the shoe conforms to your foot but that you can still have room in the toe. Otherwise the shoe will be too tight and you won’t be able to move well in it.