Nike Air Max 1 is the latest version of the Nike Air Max 1 series of new series. The best element on this line is Nike’s new fabric for the entire upper and tongue.
We all know that the Nike Air Max 1 is often used on the part of the toes: the toes, the ankles and the tongue. This fabric is called a grid. This fabric breathes, so there is no wet feet. This gives the Nike Air Max 1 the appearance of the sport. For this Nike Air Max 1 EM London – Crimson, Nike uses a similar fabric, but also very different.

This kind of fabric is not the same in different places. On the toenails you can see tiny oval holes. You can also see these holes on the heel.this pattern runs through another pattern you see on your tongue. This fabric is dark red. This purple color also returned to the shoelaces, as well as Nike’s light and soft leather on the heel. In this Nike Air Max One shoes around, you can see a beautiful wine red smooth leather route. Thie the middle of the white and purple spots. Bubble through, rubber soles are also dark red.


Gold Nike Air Max 1
For the latest version, Nike Air Max 1 BMH – Gold and Red brand based on gold and red. Nike Air Max 1 BMH – Gold & Red has a chewing gum sole, the top is a white midsole, the heel has a transparent bubble. They use gold smooth leather. There is only a different material in the path between the toe frame and the ankle. I think they use gold suede these parts, but because of suede, gold cracked, so it looks like gold foil. For contrasting elements, they use red. Nike’s whirlwind, shoelaces and shoes are red. And something completely different: for the small sign on the heel of boots, they use light blue. Temper but cool!

That’s why Nike is releasing so much and many different shoes. Style from the real strange and controversial to the real foundation. We see all the designs, patterns, colors and materials. And this season the WMNS also brought a new awesome version for the ladies. This is not a basic release! There is a pair of such shoes, you can no doubt say: “I am gold!”


These men’s high kick ankle with durable synthetic vamps and visible Max Air units, equipped with ankle straps, can support the maximum support. Solid rubber outsole with multi-directional traction mode, in the forefoot with additional pods to get the best surface grip. Air Griffey Max 1 this iteration to see freshwater green and bold black shirt with white touch, to meet the midsole accent, shoelaces, toe Nike Swoosh logo and Griffey’24 ‘brand ankle strap. Durable synthetic upper and ankle support
Visible Max Max unit inserted into the heel for comfort and Stylerubber outsole with multi-directional pattern for the best trignignature strap, 24 side air bubble pad for liner nike Swoosh on the left side of the toes

Nike’s revolutionary Air-Sole unit in the late seventies into the Nike footwear, 1987, in the heels of the two-phase visible air, so fans are not just AIr-sole comfortable feeling suddenly they can To see it, from then on the next generation of Nike Air max by providing eye-catching color combinations and reliable light cushioning, as athletes and collectors of the popular.


Nike air socks racing car Ultra Flyknit men’s shoes will be the legendary resurrection for the lifestyle shoes, Nike Flyknit fabric with modern, ultra-light feeling. Woven Flyknit combines your most needed breathability, stretchability and support to make your feet look like a comfortable and lightweight feel. A pair of adjustable belts allow you to fit perfectly. Nike zoom air in the heel to provide light, comfortable cushioning, in response to your steps. The bottom of the foam is used for plush cushioning outsole design for better flexibility

Nike Flyknit technology is inspired by the feedback from runners, eager to have a socks socks shoes. Nike and programmers, engineers and designers team carried out a four-year mission to create the structure and durability of the static characteristics of the required technology. Then, the precise support, flexibility and breathability are placed at a level – refined. The result is a lightweight, shape fit, almost seamless upper. This unprecedented accuracy maximizes performance while reducing the average waste of 60% of material waste compared to conventional cutting and stitching, saving millions of kilograms of material to reach landfills.


After seven years of perfect testing, Ms. Nike Air Max 90 series running shoes to provide you never felt the innovation. Unnecessary bulk layer has been removed, directly on the foot Max Air cushion, airy feel. Lightweight and flexible, you can prepare in these revolutionary movements sneakers.
Not only buffer, it has a superb style and comfort Flyknit uppers and feather light Flywire technology dynamic fit. And rubber pods on the sole integrated combination earrings, stars can maintain traction on various surfaces, and stylish design makes the style more comfortable.throwback Air Max 90 style in this model is still occupying the supreme position, after the upgrade Flynknit uppers can provide the greatest daily wear durability

This Air Max 90 style comfort is very stylish, with an injection of foam in the end, can be used as a big bottom, reduce the weight of light. Combining the iconic Max Air units in the heels, these runners offer a cloud-like walking experience.
Experience the modern and comfortable lady Nike Air Max 90 series running shoes steam weight sense.

UPPER: Flyknit
MIDSOLE: Injection foam, Max Air unit in heel
OUTSOLE: Rubber pod for traction


Classic Nike Air Max series of shoes, running silhouette and “super” treatment re-combination, with modern materials. For this latest “super” version, the upper part receives a unique molded foam that keeps the IR appearance and loves despite extreme material upgrades.

This is a brand new Nike Air Max 90 leather high wave point running shoes, men’s shoes for the black, granite, anthracite, and bright dark red. Nike Air Max 90 Dot Men’s Running Shoes Sports Fade Porka Point Canvas on top with Bright Crimson and Anthracite accents. Air Max 90 will run the roots and portable cool style into a timid sports shoes. Leather, suede, canvas upper with support stack, to provide a comfortable fit. Full length PU midsole, heel with MaxAir®, unparalleled buffer. Waffle® rubber outsole provides

Nike Air Max Jewell Premium ladies shoes comfortable fashion

Nike’s revolutionary Air-Sole unit entered Nike shoes in 1978. In 1987, Nike Air Max 1 in its heel debut visible air, since then, the next generation of Nike Air Max shoes by providing eye-catching color combinations and reliable light cushioning, as athletes and collectors of the popular.

Nike Air Max Jewell Premium Black is a women’s exclusive. Size is relatively large, to adapt to this universal appeal. After all, for Nike’s latest Air Max, all black and black is nothing bad. This innovative design represents a comfortable and iconic curbing appeal. As part of the Air Max Day celebration, it has all the OG details from the heel to the toes.
Soft and soft mesh hits the upper part in black dark shadows. Followed by a synthetic board. The integrated lacing system is almost hidden and maintains a streamlined look. This theme continues at the bottom of the foot. Unlike any other Air Max version, it is equipped with a finer Air Unit. Although it is not a highlight, but it still gives the classic aesthetic.

Nike ladies running shoes airlift your wishes

Nike’s revolutionary Air-Sole unit began in 1978, Nike shoes. In 1987, Nike Air Max 1 in its heel debut visible air, since then, the next generation of Nike Air Max shoes by providing eye-catching color combinations and reliable light cushioning, as athletes and collectors of the popular.

Nike Flyknit technology is inspired by the feedback from runners, eager to have comfortable shoes. Nike and programmers, engineers and designers team carried out a four-year mission to create the structure and durability of the static characteristics of the required technology. Flexibility and breathability are placed at a level – refined. A lightweight, shape fit, almost seamless uppers on this birth.

Air VaporMax represents a new era of Nike. “With VaporMax, designers want to really capture the feeling of” running in the air. “The designer began to reorganize the Air part so that it would be straightforward to bring it to the air,” said Zachary Elder, a buffer designer. Connected to the top. “This is the biggest challenge,” said Tom Minami, a senior footwear designer, but worth it. You will feel the air in a new way. In the previous Air Max model, the goal is to fill the air as much as possible, but in VaporMax, the focus is on the efficient use of Air. “When you step down, each earplug will be pushed into the Air component, which will increase the pressure,” Eld explains.

Nike releases your air Griffey Max 1

Nike Air Griffey Max 1 Prez Who will be disappointed? This iconic shoe is celebrating its twentieth anniversary after its debut in 1996. Shoes to Ken Griffith Jr. legendary sports achievements tribute. Previous explanation chose a blue green Griffey team, Seattle sailor’s color, back to those humorous ads. Known as “Griffith voted”, Navy blue and red hit.
As usual, high-profile silhouettes are made of soft and noble suede. It provides durability and luxury aesthetics while chewing gum outsole offers all foot protection. Another interesting design element is the star winding wound on the heel label and the Griffey sweater number function on the ankle strap. To finish, the details of the gold make suture and toe Swoosh appear.

With the play of the baseball era, Nike has brought back the classic version of Air Griffey Max 1. Shoes with Swoosh signature shoes are still one of the most popular baseball silhouettes. In 1996, Griffiths and Seattle Mariners, Griffey Max (Air Griffey Max) became a must for many baseball fans. 2009 The latest release of the retro, 2016 version of the shoes contains precise details and colors as OG silhouettes. Wearing black and emerald color sneakers, sports shoes, including Nike brand, shoelaces, midsole and outsole in white blow. Sneakers will also show a variety of red accents on the Swoosh brand.

Simple yet perfect color with Nike Air Max 1

Nike Air Max 1 was first released in 1987, and has since become a symbol of sports and leisure classic. This tones are presented in the upper two layers of black and gray suede, with a hue grid panel to the toe box, lace, sidewall and heel surround. The shoes are sitting on a white midsole, the iconic visible air to the heel and the tone turns the brand to the side wall. The shoes finish the embroidered white brand’s heel and a brand tongue plus tone lace.

This AM 1 version is highlighted in the fan favorite for all black colourway.Black and gray with a perfect combination of textile upper, with leather stack, EVA in the end of light buffer, with traction and durability, If you are a fan of this colourway and looking for a perfect shoe for all the aspects, then you’d better not miss this one. Shoes with lovely texture mesh uppers, with leather stacks to keep upscale look and feel. It is equipped with a low cut collar near the comfortable ankle area. There is a matching swivel sign on the side wall, with an extra brand on the tongue and heel.